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campaign events. allie rasmus is in san francisco with the message he had with thousands of supporters, good morning allie. >> reporter: good morning. you can see san francisco police have marked off a four block area around the continental hotel and that is where president barack obama stayed and while he is still in town these streets will remain closed to vehicle traffic. we are talking 4 and 6th avenue you can see the metal barricades, 5th street between mission and folsom. this was the president's visit starting with the intercontinental where people paid $0,000 a ticket and that was where donors paid 20,000 each and most notable was the massive 6,000 people who lined up to hear the president speak and those people paid significantly let between 75 and $200. the president urged sue posters to -- supporters to maintain support and needed to be obsessive if he was going to win the election. >> we cannot afford tax cuts for the wealthy, to gut investments for clean energy and research and technology and education. >> there were smaller groups of protesters outside and they were expre
in san francisco. allie rasmus is at the scene and it looks quiet out there, allie but you have new details? what do you know? >> reporter: well, dave we did talk to a man who watched this fight from his apartment building that overlooks the area, this is where the fight took place. it was 2:00 a.m. this morning when he saw 20 - 30 people involved in a fight right in the middle of the street and the police had to close off the street for two hours for their investigation. based on what he could see, this did not appear to be an even handed brawl. most of the people were attacking one guy. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: they were shouting pro fan tis, yelling, kill the guy, kill the guys, this witness explained to us in spanish. they rushed him to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. mother man was also hurt and also went to the hospital. officers do not believe this brawl was gang relate but because of the type of profanity, he believes it was a racially motivated brawl between english speaking latino and spanish speaking immigrants. police have not made any arrests in th
. >>> they are serving for all the suspects in connection with the shooting. allie rasmus has more on where a man and woman were seriously hurt, allie? >> reporter: the couple who did not want to be on camera described a pretty chaotic scene. she said it was consecutive and shots one after the other. it was also in the frame of the building and directly underneath, that front and the back windows in this building were completely shattered. two people, a man and woman were seriously injured and it happened just before the evening. two people opened fire and we don't know if the couple was targeted if they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. just where they were standing is important because even though there are bullet holes, paramedics treated the median. they are looking into whether the couple tried to run or if they ended up in the middle of the street when it unfolded. it appears to be going not only with parked cars and police are asking anybody who may have seen or led up to the shooting, they should give a call. one thing to point out, there are surveillance cameras in fro
. >>> in just a few hours from now, president obama will head out of the bay area and head to ohio. allie rasmus is live with more with a warning about traffic. >> reporter: well, good morning, the president is scheduled to depart sfo at 9:25. it looks like police are preparing for at least the presidential motorcade. we just saw the motorcade. there is still howard between fifth where we are and down to fourth street where you see some of those police vehicles, that is still shut down. also fifth street between mission to our left behind this mobile command unit and folsom to the right. there's one utility vehicle and police cars along with our live truck. it will be that way until 9:00 this morning. the president is not scheduled to leave until 9:0. he stayed overnight at the intercontinental hotel in los angeles. that's where he had the first of three fund-raisers yesterday. it was the most expensive fund- raiser. donors paid $40,000 a ticket. there was also a private dinner inside bill graham's civic auditorium where donors paid $20,000 a ticket to listen to the president. the president urge
-- middle school teacher. he was found dead in his car. allie rasmus is live to let us know how the school is responding. allie? >> reporter: well, they had the vigil for the popular teacher here who passed away. this afternoon, the memorial that spans this area continues to grow. tears streaming down their faces. children mourn the loss of the teacher. he was found dead in his car. he left a note beside him. investigators say he -- they believe he took his own life, less than a week after being used of having an inappropriate relationship with a student. >> the day will not be business as usual. it will be addressing children's questions, children's grief. >> reporter: on wednesday, the teacher was arrested on suspicion of committing lewd acts with a child. he was not formally charged. but the albany school district placed him on paid leave pending the investigation. >> we don't know what happened. the police have not finished their investigation. >> so all we can say is that we don't want anyone vilified. >> reporter: while students grief and ask complex questions, district officials des
7 show down. allie rasmus joins us live from san fransisco where many are showing their allegiance with their wallets. >> the door to the giants dugout store opened at 9 a.m. and there have been fans inside shopping since then. there's a line for the checkout counter. some of the people we've met came from across california and across the country to be a part of game 7. with so much at stake for tonight's game there's no doubt the crowd today at at&t park will be just as electric as they were yesterday. >> it's hard to put into words. it was just fanaticism. >> shannon for a lee and her husband were in the stabbed last night. >> we drove down yesterday just to see both of these games. >> terry free wins the prize for longest distance traveled by a giants fan. >> i live in des moines, iowa which is 1800 miles from here. he stopped by the dugout. >> i've been a giants fan since my dad, since willie maze. my dad was born in brooklyn new york. >> certain items are selling out. this morning workers rolled in a new shipment of 2012 post season sweatshirts, the last ones left at the wareh
hours away from game seven of the nlcs series. allie rasmus is at at & t park where fans are hoping for another big win. they were excited last night. >> reporter: they were. giants are one game, one win away from the world series. and that game will happen here at at & t park later on today. it's hard to imagine the crowd being more animated than at game six yesterday. the noise was deafening. the fans were waving their towels they were loud and thrilled to cheer on their team. they had a lot to cheer about because the giants got off to a very solid start with the run in the first inning and scored four runs in the second inning opinion by the time it was all said and done they defeated the cardinals 6-1. >> this is the giants. they do this torture to us. i always believe in them. they pull through. >> giants play with chemistry. they are so talented. i mean they don't sweat anything. they come back and come three back. and they just beat you. >> reporter: ryan vogelsong was the star pitch never yesterday's game. he had a career high of nine strikeouts in game six. now it's on to g
barack obama and mitt romney are getting ready for tomorrow night's big bee bait. >>> allie rasmus joins us from outside the oakland coliseum with the celebration that followed the clencher, good morning allie. >> reporter: the team is headed to the playoffs, last night they secured one of the two wildcard spots in the american league west. with that the oakland a's beat the texas rangers and they had their hats on and there was plenty of champagne to celebrate and the party moved into the clubhouse. last night's game was not a sellout but the as gave some of the crowds some sad advice. >> this is our place, we are loving it. it feels great, this is something we did together all year and we have come together and we have a lot of great memories this year and we are not done. >> now for the fans and the team it's on to the next step. they have a game tonight and tomorrow and if they win both games they will be western division champions. live in oakland. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> time to go to sal. you can give some advice when you see them, sal. >> i don't think they
channel 2 morning news. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> you can see that game and the entire series right here on ktvu channel 2 morning news. our coverage starts after an early addition of ktvu channel 2 news at 4:00. >>> and they will search an armenia flight they were carrying aid to the country and they allowed them to fly over if they were searched and they are looking for possible military equipment. >>> they are approving tougher sanctions on iran -- iran's nuclear program. it will affect trade around banks and for the first time, the telecome sector. they say it is for peaceful purposes. >>> presidential nominee mitt romney will have the second debate and we are looking live right there. this is a debate stage in new york. it is dark but you can get an idea of that town hall settings. we will tell you why they both have tomorrow night about that debate. >>> yes, we just have to rely on a computerized map system. you can see highway 4 and you can see quite a bit and if you look at the top of your screen you can see the pittsburgh area coming in through bay point. from
news' allie rasmus is at san francisco national airport to tell us how it would affect the east coast. >>> it is pretty quiet and that's because for a second day, a lot of east coast flights are canceled out of fso. we found this waiting area off to the right have been converted to a sleeping area and they are forced to sleep here because of the impact of hurricane sandy. and to new york boston are connecting flights to east coast cities to other destinations. we spoke with one couple honeymooning and they were coming back from hawaii but finally had to travel through 4 u.s. cities to get there. >> chicago then london... >> instead of coming from? >> would were going to some from london. >> most of the flights were canceled yesterday and they are also canceled today but not all of them are canceled. it is very important to check with your airline ahead of time. and again, everything is up in the air and you have to check before you come here. ktvu channel 2 morning news allie rasmus. >>> both for the department and for south bay schools, the state denied their plan to split up million
in the next several hours. allie rasmus, ktvu news. >> you could watch it right here. this is the deciding world series games at 4:30. right after the giants, and the dallas cowboy football game. >>> what led to a deadly shooting t happened at 1:30 at the broken wheel cocktail lounge. it is on main street and hill avenue. they say the victim was found outside the bar. he was shot multiple times. he was rushed to the southern delta hospital and later died. investigators are still looking for the gunman. >> they are looking for whoever opened fire in a halloween party. it happened near marina boulevard, the owner of an auto body business threw a cocktail party for hundreds of his friends but later in the night, unwelcome guests showed up and started a fight. >> there was an altercation in the parking lot of the business where the party was being held. a suspect pulled out a gun and shot people that were involved in the party. >> the men were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive. anyone with information is being asked to call police. >>> tsunami advisory is in place for several p
. ktvu channel reporter allie rasmus is live with the damage and information on how two people escaped the flames. good morning, allie. >> reporter: good morning. this fire started at:00 in the morning. now four hours later, investigators are going through the home trying to pinpoint what happened. firefighters are dousing the walls with water to make sure nothing flares up again. two people got out safely. more on that in a minute. first we want to show you the through. you can get a sense of how large this house is -- 3800 square feet. the size hans configuration of the house were both challenges for firefighters putting out this fire. so is the weather. it's warmer than unusual in vallejo and it is -- as it is in most pats. they had to bring in extra crews to relieve some of the firefighters who first responded to the fire. >> we went to three alarms on this. it -- it's a large house. it's an older house. my third alarm was to get crews on scene to help with the overall fire. >> reporter: two people were able to get out due to the smoke detectors. the father told me off camera, that
to the high-rise. >>> we have breaking fire in vallejo, allie rasmus is there with a look at effort to control this fire and you are on el comino royal, right? >> reporter: news chopper 2 is overhead and we can show you a live picture of what this looks like right now. this fire started at 3:15 this morning and it was three-alarm fire and we don't know the cause of the fire and investigators are about to go into the house and start looking but he believes this fire started in the garage and may have spread to some of the bushes nearby. now there were two occupants inside. a father and son were woken up by their smoke detogether force. they -- detecters. aid chance to talk to the father briefly and he credits those working smoke detecters with saving their lives. he said he would not have woken up if not for that. now the size of the home is 3800 square feet. temperatures, it is a little bit warmer out here than what firefighters in vallejo are used to which is why they have so many people out here working this fire. they had 35 firefighters and an extra crew just to replace the two crews who w
. we will have all the latest as the trial of statements continue. allie rasmus channel 2 news. >>> he has pled not guilty, one goh is eligible for the death penalty for oikos university murders. >>> and the san francisco crime lab tech anything is accused of stealing cocaine. deborah madden stole cocaine she was supposed to be testing at the lab. she is facing charges of illegal drugs by fraud. madden has a admitted to taking the drugs but denies the fraud charge. they prompted the district attorney to dismiss evidence based on evidence from that lab. it is based on four years in prison. >>> they are now looking for two missing fisherman. the pair were missing since the boat overturned 20 miles south of half-moon bay. a coast guard search and rescue team did more searches. four people were aboard the boat and two people made it back safely. there are civil on the shore helping in the search. >>> it is another very warm day and a wave of whether or weather. rosemary orozco is here with more, rosemary? >> reporter: it is a gorgeous beach day, once again giving you a live look mostly sun
that he says he would make and the results of the latest gallup pole in gal -- gallup poll. allie rasmus is live -- >>> alley rasmus live at a pumpkin weighoff. off to our left, you can the stage where the pumpkins will be hoisted via forklift. >> reporter: the growers are competing for thousands of dollars in prizes. last year's pumpkin weighed 17,000 pounds. the grower took home an $11,000 prize. we talked to some of the contestants and they said there's a lot of work that goes into this, including transporting them. growers pack the pumpkins into their pickup trucks and trailers from orie grin and washington. prior to that, they spend the -- oregon and washington. prior to that, they spend the entire summer babying their plants. >> i think a lot of it is luck. we work very hard on the work on our soil. the work on our soil will start tomorrow when we get back for next season. >> reporter: john muller, a local half moon bay farmer, is hoping his pumpkin is the winner for the prettiest pumpkin. >> pumpkin. >> those colors are really our sports colors. >> reporter: we'll start to see th
. officers received a disturbance call and it appears things turned violent. allie rasmus is live with what we've learned about this developing story. >> reporter: this is the home where this police action happened early this morning. you can see it's got a spotlight shining on the upper story window that is burned out. the street is closed off, alameda and redwood streets and you can see investigators in the front yard. i have to say the officers here have told me that they are not allowed to give me any information about what happened here. we've left several messages for vallejo police sergeants at headquarters since 4:30 this morning and have not gotten a response so far. there's a lot of details we don't know about what exactly happened here overnight. here's what we do know. at around 1:30 this morning, several neighbors woke up to hear two people shouting and the neighbors say they heard the sound of glass, possibly glass windows being smashed and shattered. several neighbors called police. one man who lives behind the home where this happened says he heard police respond, he heard t
raising events and allie rasmus has several traffic warnings, allie? >> reporter: that's right, if you are walking in around around the continental hotel you should not have any problems but if you are driving that will be another story. there are four blocks of streets closed in and around the continental. we are talking howard down to 4th street and that street is almost entirely clear except for the police vehicles out front and also 5th street between mission all the way down to folsom is closed. these will be closed all morning when the president is scheduled to leave. this is his final visit to the bay area and he has been here four times and has a big following here. he has many people lined up to hear the president speak. some paid as much as $275 a ticket. but there are a few protesters in the same space at pacific plaza. some are unhappy with the federal crackdown on medical marijuana and there were some romney supporters gathered there as well. the poll shows the race is tightening between mitt romney and president barack obama and in his speech he referenced a debate and de
rasmus is at the scene now and police are still out there searching for several suspects, allie. >> that's right, there are multiple gunmen and we get a sense of how many bullets were fired. >> reporter: off to our left, the bullet not only traveled to the complex but they traveled and shattered the glass on the opposite side of that playground. two people were hurt in this shooting and a man and woman were transported with serious injuries and police are investigating exactly what led up to the shooting we don't know what prompted it or if they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. four people approached this building and opened fire and it appears the bullets were flying in all directions because there were 44 bullet casings, not only in the home but some of the cars had their windows shattered and they found bullet casings as far away as the median. now if you have any information they are asked to look into this double shooting which seriously injured a man and woman at this apartment complex. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> police are investigating a fa
game one. allie rasmus is out at at&t park right now where game 2 will be played and allie, some giants fans are not worried but they are looking forward to this game. good morning. >>> they are untaunted, -- undaunted, optimistic. they are looking ahead at game 2 for the national league series. >> it is already, we have the next familiar. it if it takes five games we will bin 5. >> they did start to make a come back. but they could not pull off a win they were stopped after the four runs and ending score of -- 6- 4. it is surprising for fans and fans are hopping to refurbish that and you can watch it on ktvu channel 2 morning news. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> and as you can see today's game, the entire national league series, we will start at 5:00. >>> president barack obama and mitt romney will be facing off in their second debate tomorrow night. i want and the fine line, he will be needing more in this debate than the other one. >>> he will need to raise taxes for the initiative starting tomorrow. proposition 30 will raise taxes pie a quarter
heritage and the castro street fair, both on sunday. we have live team coverage tonight. ktvu's allie rasmus is live in san francisco with the trouble crowds will face heading into and getting around the city. allie? >> reporter: well, the message from transit officials, don't drive in san francisco this weekend, unless you absolutely have to. streets are going to be crowded. in some cases, they will be partially closed. take for example, embarcadero, where we're standing. it's going to be down to one lane of traffic northbound the entire weekend. to avoid congestion, setting out on foot may be your best bet. an estimated 1 million people are expected to flock to san francisco this weekend. while there will be more buses, ferries, even temporary bike lanes to accommodate all the visitors, there is another way to get around town. >> walking is a viable option to get around this weekend. we've got a lot of people out there, lot of ambassadors out there to give people information, and walking to these events is a very good option. >> reporter: you could start at golden gate park for the
a woman hit a power pole. allie rasmus joining us live from the scene where people are waking up to power lines on their cars and in their yards. >> reporter: this is why there were 5,000 people are without power. you can see the 45-foot power pole sliced in half. that car white car right next to it that is the driver that crashed into it. knocking the power pole over. earlier this morning there were power lines still dangling from it off of people's roofs and homes. you can see pg&e workers have made good progress since they have gotten out here. they have lined up neatly all those power lines. now those pg&e workers are trying to figure out how they will go about cleaning up the mess. they have to of course order new power pole and restring everything. the crash happened at around 3:00 this morning. the female driver involved was taken to the hospital in a stretcher. we don't know her condition however. police tell us they are looking into the possibility that this driver may have been under the influence of something but they don't know that for sure yet. people in the neighborhood say
. >>> halloween is around the corner. if you want to see big pumpkins we got them. ktvu's allie rasmus was in half moon bay and shows us the winner that pumpkin weigh-off. it was so big it set a record today. >> here we go. >> reporter: at 1775 pounds this was the winner of the pumpkin weigh-off. cash prize for growing this? $10,650. >> my family is my secret. i couldn't do this without support. everybody that grows is because they have somebody behind them. >> reporter: today was the end of a long journey from seed to full grown squash, fertilizer and tlc. he had a 1400-pound pumpkin. >> if you get the soil right and the weather is just right and you get everything else just right, maybe you will get lucky enough. >> reporter: for many the biggest challenge is just bringing it here. >> getting it on the roads. they are strapped and packed and placed on beds for the bumpy drive. >> reporter: this year there was an extra prize for any pumpkin weighing or than a ton. >> we will give the winning grower $25,000. that is enticing. >> reporter: even though none of the pumpkins reached mark, they were bi
this morning after his appearances at three area campaign fundraisers. allie rasmus is outside the president's hotel with the president's message to his enthusiastic support -- enthusiastic supporters. >> reporter: first of all, areas closed off to vehicle traffic, in front of the hotel continental that is shut down and so is 5th street to mission and folsom street all the way to the right. this is all because of the president's stay here and this is his 12th visit and he stayed overnight at the continental hotel. he stayed here and the technical round table is where people paid $40,000 a ticket. donors paid 20,000 a ticket and at that speech, told them to maintain their enthusiasm for him and he told them quote they needed to remain obsessive if they were going to win. they had more than 6 million people lined up for hours to listen to that speech. in that speech, the president references his debate with mitt romney and he had a lack luster performance and here is how he referred to it. >> after that speech, people say don't be so polite, don't be so nice... [applauds] >> but i want everybo
to their arsenal. but as ktvu's allie rasmus explains some are objecting to spy in the sky. >> reporter: it lifts off like a space age aircraft and you can barely hear it buzzing overhead. it's an unmanned aerial system otherwise known as a drone. >> the device is about 2' wide, less than a foot tall an weighs about 3.35 funds and atoo muched to the bottom is an hd camera that sends back a live picture. >> well, limits are ceiling 400' agl, line of sight, 250,' with an observer. >> reporter: to fly in dense urban areas deputies would need permission from the faa and department of justice, but the device has raised concerns. representatives from the electronic frontier foundation sent this statement. in response sheriff sergeant nelson says it's no different than other equipment they use. >> we have had robots in our bomb squad and s.w.a.t. teams for ten years that are remote controlled. we don't role those down the street to survey people. >> reporter: the sheriff's office will apply for ferrum grant money to buy it and if they do it could be in the air as early as next year. in dublin, allie
turned ugly. allie rasmus is live where they are cleaning up. >> reporter: if you look to where we are, you can see the shadow -- he's wiping up some of the tags -- we turned the camera around to this intersection at mission and 16th. >> this intersection was completely closed off to traffic -- while police were out here patrolling the crowd and department of public work crews were -- were the mess. rowdy crowds set fire to at least a -- half a dozen dumpsters. >>> ra lot of fires by the demonstrators, lighting trash cans, public cans and private cans. construction, debris, whatever they could find to light on fire. >> reporter: dozens of police lined the intersection of 15th and mission. that was at 1:00 this morning when police told the fans they were participating in an -- in an unlawful assembly. we did see officers making several arrests. the crowds torched dump sters, some workers barricaded themselves inside their shops on mission street. >> it was scary. we don't want to -- >> reporter: the crews spent the night cleaning up the mess. the street sweepers have been out here -- h
arizona. allie rasmus joins us from the coast guard in alameda. good afternoon, allie. >> reporter: good afternoon, once the fog clears the coast guard plans to send oftry to fi a plane wreck. half-moon bay airport is where 75-year-old andrew hayden of florida took off in his single-engine plane before 6:00 a.m. monday morning. according to the san mateo sheriff's spokeswoman he flew the plane here to visit his daughter who lives in the bay area. he was supposed to arrive in tucson yesterday afternoon but never made it. now the coast guard, airport's rescue coordination center and san mateo county sheriff's office launched a search to find any sign of the pilot and his plane. now, the plane they are searching for looks similar to the one in this picture. this is a picture provided to us at the coast guard command center. they said it's the picture they are using to search for wreckage. an 87-foot long coast guard cutter has been out in the water overnight as well and so far no sign of this plane. >> his radar tracking had him pretty much right off half-moon bay and that was the las
for a better outcome after a tough loss yesterday. allie rasmus joins us with more as the team has come back before, allie? >> reporter: that's right, that is exactly why a lot of giants fans are feeling optimistic and we will have a chance to take on the cardinals again at at&t park and this morning many giants fans are already putting that 6- 4 loss behind them. they are trying to make a come back scoring four runs but it was not enough to come over the early leap. several giants fans pointed out they have a lot of faith in their team. >> we do. >> it was proven in the last go round and it will happen. last night was pretty heartbreaking but it was incredibly thrilling and i have nothing but good faith that we will get them today. >> reporter: now weather the giants win or lose playoffs are a win for local businesses. the coffee shop enjoyed a pre- game rush yesterday and managers say they are preparing for another busy afternoon today. >> i think people are always happy in a good mood and they come out and have a great time. >> it's good for business. >> it's good for business and good fo
th and fillmore street. allie rasmus is live. allie, a lot of damage there, right? i'm looking other your shoulder. >> reporter: a lot. the people we spoke to said there was were ten stray shots fired, one after another. there is a lot of damage in front of this apartment building. you can see some of the bullet holes in the window. there's one in the frame of the window and a lot of bullet holes inside this entryway. there's some underneath the bully ton board in the entryway of this apartment building. two people were hurt in this shooting. a man and woman were seriously injured. they were taken to the hospital. -- hospital. witnesses say four people approached the building, opened fire. we don't know if the couple were targeted. the man and woman were the intended target of the shooting or they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. what is also unnear is where the man and woman were -- unclear is where the man and woman were standing. paramedics treated the victims in the median. police found about 50 bullet casings and the bullets appeared to be going in all directions. some
on the cardinals tonight. allie rasmus is at at&t park with what fans are saying about the home team's chances tonight. good morning, allie. >> reporter: well, good morning. when giants fans filed out of at&t park last night, they kept their chins up. a lot of them remain optimistic and a lot of them are not too worried about last night's loss to the st. louis cardinals. the cardinals led 60 -- 6-0 t was a rough start and then in the fourth inning, giants started to make a comeback. they scored 4 runs but they didn't get much farther that that -- farther than that. the final score, 6-4. >> last night was heartbreaking but incredibly thrilling. i have nothing but good feelings that we'll get them today. >> reporter: the giants are now 0-3 at home and 3-on the road in the postseason. a bit unusual for -- surprising for fans who hoped home field advantage would have gotten a win. they are playing here against the cardinals. 4:30 this afternoon. you can catch that game on ktvu. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> that's right and you can see the coverage right here at 4:30 foowing the news at 4:
in the hospital. allie rasmus joins us from the scene to talk about what happened, alley? >>> that's right, we are at 16th and valencia, they have it shut down as they did a two- hour investigation into this street brawl. it started in the morning and two people ended up in the hospital because of it. guns were not involved and this was a fight involving 20 people, unarmed. one of the people is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries and a second person is expected to be okay. it all started after some of the bars closed. this is the mission neighborhood. several people spilled into the street and officers don't know what started it. police say it
there is a chance for off-and-on showers tonight. so be aware. allie rasmus is already at at&t park this morning. she will bring us a live report at 7:30. you can watch game 7 right here on ktvu channel 2. we'll have a special edition of ktvu channel 2 news as 4:00 p.m. that will be -- at 4:00 p.m. that will be followed by the fox pregame show at 4:30. >> a lot going on tonight. >>> a lot going on on the roads. let's check in with sal. >> it's been a rainy morning:avenue dash morning. we've had a lot of -- rainy morning. we've had a lot of slow traffic. there's slow traffic on 80 to pin nome and richmond. want to get to the toll plaza. it's been heavy. it has not been as bad as when we've had crashes. i don't want to freak you out too much. but you should get out on the road if you can. and northbound 280 traffic is -- it is very slow in the south bay. i want to mention that caltrain has some delays there. there's our camera. it's back. let's go to steve. >>> all right, sal. thank you. this is the first rain coming through. very fresh atmosphere, cleaning things out. some of that rain has been m
. reporting live in the newsroom matt keller. >>> well go big or go home. ktvu channel 2 reporter allie rasmus is live in half-moon bay where pumpkin growers are competing in a big weighoff. they're trying to set a new world record this year. allie how are they doing? >> reporter: the stage is set for the weighoff that will begin in a half hour from now. we see organizers come out here. they have a giant forklift they will be using. you can see it right off to the right here. a giant forklift they have to use that to hoist the pumpkins on to this digital scale you see here. some of the pumpkins will be 1600 possibly 1700 pounds. maybe even bigger than that. now amateur growers are competing for thousands of dollars in prizes and the prize for winning first -- and the price for winning first prize. there is also a $25,000 prize if any of the pumpkins here today break a world record. the world's heaviest pumpkin weighs more than 2,000 pounds. >> i think the world record prize is in every serious growers sight. we grow first for ourselves and then for our local weighoffs but everybody wants a wor
with oakland police to patrol the streets. allie rasmus says some questions have to be answered. >> reporter: this partnership between oakland police and the chp comes to welcome news. in front of this building here behind me is where the city's 101st homicide happened early this morning. >> i live two doors down. at about 5:00 this morning i heard gunshots. >> reporter: some of the people who live on the 300 block reported hearing as many as 10 to 15 gunshots. aimed at vin sent jones jr. he was shot and killed. >> ain't got words. this is beyond. this is beyond my -- >> reporter: the crime in oakland is beyond understanding for many oakland residents. the bishop made a public plea to the governor for help. >> we'll provide that help. i will make sure that our highway patrolmen are beefed up for the city of oakland. >> reporter: today oakland police antechp announced the start of a new partnership. extra chp officers will work overtime. >> a focus on areas that are having the highest crime problem. >> reporter: the detames about exactly how many officer will work and who will pay for their o
of the big storm on the east coast. allie rasmus is live at san francisco international airport right now to tell us how the storm could affect your travel plans not only on the east coast but other destinations and alley, it sound -- allie, is sounds like things are improving. >> reporter: they are. there are people checking in. it's getting busier as the morning goes on. you can see people checking in. at the virgin airlines people are checking in. >> what we're seeing is today about 50 departures and 65 arrivals being cancelled. that's about 115 total flights. there are some flights showing as operating, mainly later in the day, very tentative at this time. >> so 115 canceled flights. but that's compared to 150 yesterday. it's improving. it's all because of the impact of what was hurricane sandy. thousands us of flights in and out of the east coast. inside terminal 2, we got here at 3:0, and we found many people forced to spend the night because they had nowhere else to go to wait for their rerouted and rescheduled flights. many affected are international travelers to connect to other
brawl. allie rasmus has more. good morning, ail lye. >> reporter: good morning. this is a busy intersection here behind us. but a few hours ago this morning, is was completely blocked 0 to traffic -- blocked off to traffic to investigate this brawl that they say involved 20 to 30 people. the witness said it was 2:00 this morning when he looked out the window and sap the people involved in the fight -- and sap the people involved in the fight. he -- saw the people involved in the fight. now, the victim was rushed to the hospital with life- threatening injuries. as the website explained to us in spanish, the people were shouting kill the guy! kill the guy! the victim is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. another witness was hurt. officers don't believe the brawl was gang-related but this witness said he believes it -- was a racially-related fight. officers at the scene told us no weapons were used. this was a fistfight involving least 20 people. police have not made any arrests in connection with this assault. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> just about 7:03. a
rasmus is live in dublin with more on the unveiling and the controversy behind it. allie? >> reporter: we are outside the alameda county sheriff's office in dublin, and about 15 minutes from now, they are supposed to reveal some details about the department wanting to buy what's called an unmanned aerial system, otherwise known as a drone. now, the alameda county sheriff's office is looking to use possibly grant money to buy one of these unmanned planes. they say they need it to help monitor large crowds in events, search for bombs, hazardous materials, and search for marijuana grows. but the move has raised some concerns, privacy concerns from various groups, including the electronic freedom foundation and the aclu of northern california. some groups would like the sheriff to explain in more detail about why the department needs this drone. now, again in, 15 minutes here at sheriff's office in dublin, they are supposed to have some more details about this drone that they would like to purchase and we will be going inside, hopefully asking them questions about it and we'll bring that to
races at the waterfront. there are a number of street festivals also taking place. allie rasmus is live in san francisco this morning with more on how this could impact you if you're trying to get to these events, trying to get around them. allie? >> reporter: transit officials have been putting out the word all week f you're coming to san francisco this weekend, try not to drive unless you absolutely have to, so you can avoid some of the backup, like we're already seeing here on the embarcadero. that's because embarcadero from washington to bay street is down to just one lane of traffic. and the reason why is because the far right lane has been turned into an expanded bike lane. in fact, you can see some people on their bikes taking advantage of it already. transit officials want to encourage people to get around the city on their bikes this weekend, and to accommodate that, the san francisco bicycle coalition will have free bike valet service along the waterfront, at golden gate park and at&t park for all the events happening this weekend. muni is also running an extra 65 buses today.
, they have not made any arrests yet but they are looking for the people responsible. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> time now 5:03, president barack obama and mitt romney will hold their second debate in new york. coming up, the very important group of candidates they hope to win over to in tonight's debate. >>> the 52-year-old stevens is one of the four americans killed during the september 11th attack on ben -- in benghazi libya. the memorial begins at 4:30 in the city hall rotunda. >>> the pentagon and state department want to help libya create a force to attack the militia in benghazi. the money was budgeted for pakistan and in order to build anee light force -- an elite force they could have over 200 troops. >>> they are shocked by the department's lack of progress. the police department took a step back falling out of come by answer with being able to track officers engaging in bad behavior. it is a last report before a judge hears more and decides to place the department under federal control. >>> they are deciding whether to host the super bowl in 2016 or 2017. th
is closed. allie rasmus is at the bridge right now with how you can get around it. >> reporter: there's some people doing -- replacing the crash barriers. they're also rewiring some of the electrical wiring. they're taking advantage of this weekend-long closure to do a bunch of different projects here. the main project and the reason why this bridge is closed is because of work happening three and a half miles away from us. caltrans is completely replacing entire sections of the bridge, and they made a lot of progress doing that overnight. >> between 1 a.m. and right now, they were able to remove half of the total structures that have to be replaced, 12 altogether. >> reporter: now, this project all began with the discovery of a crack underneath the bridge two years ago. this weekend's work will provide a permanent fix to that problem, and caltrans is also using this opportunity to install some seismic joints to make the bridge more earthquake- safe. not only are they replacing it; they're going to be reinforcing it as well. at about 9:05, caltrans is going to escort us closer to the constru
on tonight it is a very tentative situation. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> and they have blown it off track just one week before election day. president barack obama has canceled all campaign dates. mitt romney has also reworked his campaign schedule and mitt romney has changed an appearance in ohio this morning from a campaign rally to a storm relief event. >>> time now san francisco police he investigating a homicide in the mission district. police say a young man was shot and died an hour later. it is still not clear what led up to that deadly gunfire. >>> oakland police say a late night san dove ended immediately. they had a report of a man in cans street. no arrests have been made and police have not told us what prompted this accident. >>> antolin garcia-torres was arrested in may in connection to sierra lemar's disappearance. volunteers continue to search for her and even though her body has not been found, antolin garcia-torres faces murder charges. >>> it is the second world series parade for the giants tomorrow. now in 2010, a million people turned out and a lot of pr
have been waiting for. allie rasmus is joining us now from the half-moon bay pumpkin weighoff where growers are competing for $25,000 prize and a chance to set a world record. allie. >> reporter: they will get that $25,000 prize if they beat the world record. but the stage is set behind us in downtown half-moon bay. the weigh off doesn't start for a few more hours but you can see some of the top contenders have arrived. and all of these pumpkins you see here are at least 1400 pounds. now the growers are competing for thousands of dollars in prizes. last years first prize winner took home an $11,000 prize. he had a 1700-pound pumpkin. but thad is one of the top competitors. can you tell us how big you think it is? how much it weighs? >> boy we don't like to guess at this point. i'm going to guess it's going to be a personal best. that's as far as i'm going. >> reporter: you told me earlier you are a little superstitious about getting ahead of yourself and estimating what it will be. it's fair to judge it's at least 1600 pounds? >> yeah. we hope for the best and fear for the worst. >>
a year to enforce if passed. in the newsroom, allie rasmus. >>> and at you will find our latest election coverage just look for the politics section on the drop down menu labeled news. >>> welcome to friday night, your weekend is out in front of you looks like a really nice one. lots going on in the bay area we'll get to it. the system moving off to the east there's that weather system to the north we're kind of caught between the two. so there'll be a few sprinkles out there tonight. light drizzle. you know moisture on the cars a lot of dew in the morning hours but basically a nonevent. by 10:00 tomorrow morning we start to clear out rapidly. overnight lows are on the cool side especially in the north bay. 48 in concord, 52 in fremont. points are running a little high so there's going to be a lot of moisture out there on the car windshields, a lot of moisture out on the grass. the forecast for the weekend looks really good. warm ethan it was -- warmer than it was today tomorrow. warmer still on sunday with temperatures getting into the low 80s. and as we go into next week warm
in marin county, but it is only a drill. ktvu reporter allie rasmus is live in kent field with more on what authorities are trying to accomplish in the first-of-its-kind drill. >> reporter: this emergency drill is about to get started any moment. right now behind us, you can see there are a number of different firefighters and law enforcement agencies. we have the ross valley fire department, kentfield fire protection district, and marin county here. so are marin county sheriffs deputies. also taking part in this drill are about 200 residents who live in the kent woodlands neighborhood in the hills behind us. just about a half hour ago, everyone here wrapped up a briefing that they held. firefighters and sheriffs deputies had their maps out with their plan about what they would do for this evacuation today and residents taking part in this drill were contacted ahead of time and agreed to participate. no one living in the neighborhood will be surprised by this. this is the first time those residents, about 200 of them taking part, will be part of an emergency drill on this scale. the goal is
'll tell you how, coming up at 6:00. allie rasmus, channel 2news. >> again, the blue angels will be performing this weekend. one thing you can say about the blue angels is they only perform if there are clear skies. too much fog or cloud cover, and they won't go out. our chief meteorologist bill marth inn is tracking the weather for this weekend. bill, what do you think? >> yeah, they are going to be fine. we say clear skies, kind of like what we had today. today, they did practice runs and it was fine. it was partly cloudy, even at times mostly cloudy. let's take a look at the forecast for the fleet week air show. blue angels specifically, but lot of other aircraft flying around that day. 3:00 to 4:00 saturday, clouds and sun, you knew that, partly cloudy on sunday. here's the take-away. around 10:00 in the morning, you'll want jackets, because it's in the upper 50s. daytime highs in the afternoon, by the time the blue angels fly, 62 degrees. let's take a look outside right now. why do i think you'll see them? i think saturday and sunday are going to look just like this. th
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